Christian Traders Agricultural Project

Location: New Hope Orphanage and School, Kampala Uganda, East Africa.
New Hope was founded 18 years ago in 2000 by indigenous Pastors Christopher & Agnes Lubega along with DeWayne & Anne-Marie Reeves of Phoenix, AZ. Pastors Christopher & Agnes are lifelong Uganda residents where Pastor Chris (now a Bishop)and Senior Pastor Agnes oversee Salaama Full Gospel Church a flourishing house of worship with a Sunday morning service averaging 800 congregants.

Along with growing a vibrant Church family, Pastor Chris oversees the day to day operations at New Hope which is both home and school to over 600 AIDS Orphans. Pastor Agnes oversees day to day operations at Aggie's Baby Home for abandoned babies (highlighted in a recent Chicken Soup for the Soul book). Tragically, because many single mothers are unable to care for a child, abandoned babies are a growing crisis across the African continent.

Aggie's Baby Home, located outside of Kampala and directly adjacent to New Hope works closely with local law enforcement to identify and care for these children who have been left to die. America provides "safe harbor" laws allowing mothers in a similar situation as their African counterparts to simply bring the child to a Hospital or Fire Station and face no criminal charges of abandonment. Sadly, no such option is available in Uganda. As a result these new-born children are left by the side of the road and often, at the front gate of New Hope.

Despise Not Humble Beginnings

The start was indeed humble. When the Reeves family first met Pastor Chris, he and his wife were caring for 11 AIDS Orphans in their home. A home, with no electricity or running water. The project officially launched when the Reeves purchased a remote 5 acre parcel of land 40 minutes outside of Kampala. Once the land was cleared, they began construction on the first classrooms and dormitories.

Today, New Hope spreads out over 20+ acres and has a new High School built by a German Physician who just happened to be visiting the Kampala area. It is exactly those “just happened miracles” , those “Fingerprints of God”, that has sustained the work for 18 years. New Hope is also responsible for bringing both water and electricity to the area. Surrounding villagers have experienced a change in their quality of life as well, benefiting greatly from both resources.

The Next Chapter

After 18 years, the greatest struggles remain. Keeping sufficient nutritious food on hand to feed 600 children who wake up hungry every single day... never gets easy. The second greatest struggle which extends throughout all of Africa is gainful employment. The official minimum wage is $96.00 per year. While some do find jobs that pay well above this level, most uneducated laborers are forced into menial and often back-breaking work in hopes of earning $1.00 US per day. Almost enough, to feed their family, one more day.

Christian Traders, utilizing blockchain technology is now joining forces with believers worldwide to tackle both problems from a different direction.


If you could help provide these men and women the jobs they so desperately need for survival while at the same time feed hungry children, healthy and nutritious vegetables, would you do it? Of course! We all would. However, despite untold attempts to eradicate the hunger and poverty issues which have been in existence since before British colonization have largely remained unchanged. There has never been an easy solution but thanks to the power of Blockchain Technology and Christian Traders, a solution has appeared on the digital horizon.

Of the 20+ acres at New Hope, approximately 10 acres are still raw land. Does that seem unusual? According to an influential recent analysis, Africa has around 600 million hectares of uncultivated arable land, roughly 60 percent of the global total. While lack of education plays a major role, there are many other factors in play from government corruption to rampant violence including child soldiers, natural disasters and a dark spiritual cloud that continually hovers over the best efforts to bring about change.

Here is a recent television news broadcast:

It is estimated by the World Health Organization that globally a child dies every 10 seconds from hunger and hunger related diseases. The largest contributor is of course, Africa. For hundreds of years, many well-meaning organizations and individuals have attempted to help by sending financial aid. Unfortunately this does not attack the root problem. While it could alleviate suffering for a day or a week, it also creates a dependent mind set among those who receive it. Sadly, most financial aid rarely makes it to those who so desperately need it.

In the following video, Edward Chau shows the severity of the situation up close.

Despite the billions of dollars that have poured in from the US, Europe and other countries over the past century, conditions today are worse than they have ever been.

Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing while expecting different results." It's time to stop the insanity. The time is now to focus less on charitable donations and to instead create sustainable solutions. Actors on the world stage desperately want to help, but true help can only come by addressing the underlying conditions that perpetuate hunger and poverty.

C-TAP's primary focus will be creating jobs that pay more than minimum wage. The men (and women) accepted into the Christian Traders Agricultural Project (C-TAP) will plant, water, weed and in every way be directly responsible for harvesting healthy, organic, vegetables for the children of New Hope, Aggie's Baby Home and surrounding villages.

Occam's Razor states: "The simplest answer or solution to a problem is most likely the correct one". While herculian efforts to eradicate hunger have failed repeatedly, let us shift our thinking to what causes hunger. The simplest answer seems to be poverty. It’s not a lack of food, but access to the food. Creating sustainable work for the most vulnerable, will over time, begin to erode the devastating grip poverty has on the country of Uganda and the continent of Africa.

C-TAP can be summed up in the following slogan:

Men Work - Children Eat

SEC regulations and guidelines are somewhat vague at this juncture, however, one commonly agreed upon theory is the Token cannot function as a Security. If the Token fails the HOWIE test it must go through an IPO, not an ICO. The following question is the backbone of the test
(IMO) -

"Are those who purchase the Token (investors) dependent upon the company or entity to see an increase in the value of the Token?"

If the answer is YES, you're a security.

If the answer is NO, you just might be a cryptocurrency.

Christian Traders will fund C-TAP as described above by providing affordable advertising and airtime to those who become a part of the CT Global Ecosystem. For too long the resources available to Christian businessmen and women in the financial services industry have been scarce or simply out of reach from a cost perspective. Our goal is equal access and a level playing field to those advertisers seeking to reach a primarily conservative and faith based audience.

With 2.4 billion Christians worldwide and only 1 million CT Global tokens in existence, it is quite possible that demand may outstrip supply. Using the old "supply and demand" theory versus "massive dilution" (which many ICO's are employing today), conditions are in place for value of the CT Global Token to show positive appreciation on the open market. Certainly there can be no guarantees as the market itself will ultimately determine the CT Global Token "value", commonly referred to as price.

Steps have been taken to insure an orderly transition from pre-sale to open market trading. Early buyers (pre-sale investors), must stand firm on the Bid. This is why all Tokens sold during Pre-Sale are restricted from trading for 6 months. Christian businessmen and women are well aware of the microscope "the world" places them under. Owners of the CT Global Token will play the largest role in both the adoption of and potential value appreciation of the Token.

Because Pre-Sale participants received such a tremendous discount, the temptation to quickly recover the initial investment could be overwhelming when open market trading begins. This restriction is quite similar to those who invest in, or work for, a tech start-up such as Facebook. They are issued stock, warrants or options to come on board early in lieu of monetary compensation. This allows time for potential price appreciation and encourages those involved to focus on the bigger picture.

This "big picture" for CT Global is filled with unlimited possibilities. In order to fulfill the mandate there must be mass adoption of the token and CT Global Media must continue to function as a profitable entity. CT Global Media will not be held responsible for any changes in existing laws or acts of God which prevent CT Global or C-TAP from moving forward.

Faith is not what you believe, It is, what you do with what you believe.

Jesus was a doer. He was a man of the people. Shaking hands, kissing babies, casting demons into swine. No grass grew under His feet unless he ordained it. He was a role model that said "Don't be a lazy fig" and His parable about the Master, the Servants and who has the most Talent... should serve as a crystal clear example to all believers that in life, there are risks.

What if those Hebrew boys had refused to step into the furnace?

What if Daniel played hookey when he had a date with a lion?

What if David took one look at Goliath and said: "You gotta' be kidding!".

What if Peter had refused to step out of the boat?

What if...

It's called the Dark Continent for a reason. The people have been enslaved since time began by witchcraft and the forces of darkness. When you take away a man's ability to provide, you take the very thing that makes him a man. When you return it, you change the world.

Now every Christian Trader on the planet has an opportunity to break the curse.

Will we encounter adversity? Already have.

Life as a Believer doesn't mean there will be no storms. It means you can have peace amidst the storm and dance in the rain like nobody's watching.

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