CT Global Mass Distribution

The CT Global Token Pre-Sale ended January 31, 2018, as scheduled.

Next Step - Mass Distribution
If you participated in the CT Global Presale, please email your Public Wallet Address to Support@ChristianTraders.com. If you have already done so, the next task is purchasing your Crypto Hardware Wallet.
The purpose of a hardware wallet is primarily security. It enables you to move your cryptocurrency offline where it is safe from Hackers. Is it that important? Absolutely. During the first week of February 2018, Coincheck was hacked to the tune of 58 Billion Yen ($530 million U.S.).
I'm confident Coincheck had what they considered to be a very robust security system specifically designed to fend off such attacks. Unfortunately, it still happened which proves once again, if a Black Hat has you in his sights, given enough time and resources he will eventually penetrate your defenses. If he is forced to abandon his elegant code and resort to a Brute Force attack, beware. Not only is your crypto gone, if your security bruised his ego, chances are he will trash the place on the way out.
Hardware Wallet
While perhaps not practical due to the nature of their business, an investment of less than $200 would have kept their $500m completely safe. Once tokens are transferred from a digital wallet to a hardware wallet and the wallet is then disconnected from your computer and the Internet, no matter how talented or ticked off the hacker may be, your digital assets are safe.
A Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet is similar to an external hard drive or thumb drive. The difference is the ability to read, write and understand cryptography. Make sure your choice is ERC-20 Compliant. A hardware wallet capable of holding all types of cryptocurrencies, i.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other AltCoins, is obviously the best choice.
Once disconnected, be sure to put the hardware wallet in a fireproof safe, or safety deposit box. Never share your Private Key with anyone. If you wish to encrypt your Private Key, here are two, free, open source encryption programs. (hyperlink those words to this address)https://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-file-encryption-utility.htm It is also recommended that you make 2 paper copies of the key. As tempting as it is to copy, paste, and print it out... don't. Believe it or not, even a mediocre hacker can break in and read the print head on your printer. What are the odds of this happening? Astronomical, however, to not take every possible precaution is a form of gambling. We're Traders, not Gamblers.
Trader or Investor?
Is it possible to be both? Yes, but you must be extremely disciplined. Anytime you want to add to your position or invest in a different cryptocurrency, simply retrieve the hardware wallet, repeat the process and lock it away again. To actively day trade cryptocurrencies, you will need to keep "just enough" in your digital wallet to underwrite the level you are currently qualified to trade.
Open Market Trading
CT Global Pre-Sale Tokens are restricted from trading for 6 months from the the date of purchase. Date of purchase refers to the date payment was received. This date may vary from the date on your Certificate of Ownership. This date could be as early as November 1st 2017 for the first CTG owners. This action approved by the majority will help to facilitate a smooth transition from pre-sale to the open market.
Many cryptocurrency values have failed to appreciate positively because individuals, even institutions in some cases, were holding large positions and greed clouded their vision. The desire to make a fast buck, vs. giving the ecosystem time to mature, became the kiss of death for every member of those communities. We as Believers, answer to a higher authority. The world views Christians under a microscope. They may not listen to our testimony, but you better be sure they are watching every move you make. What a field day they would have if we took the opportunity God has entrusted us with, and turned it into a pump and dump.
The "Good News"
We have community members (and outsiders), holding large, overweight positions. The "Good News" however, is that we are for the most part a close-knit community with common goals and a unified vision. We (the community), are on the brink of what could become the single greatest financial opportunity of our collective lifetimes.
At this time we are unaware of any cryptocurrency with a supply as small as CT Global (1 million tokens), and a target audience of 2.4 billion. If you believe markets should operate under the principle of true "supply and demand", you clearly see the potential of what could happen in coming months as open trading begins and awareness of CT Global - Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community spreads. Remember, each and every community member (token owner), is responsible for making the sure the word does spread.
Value Creation
As with Bitcoin, Ethereum and AltCoins that have seen major price appreciation, patience is more than a virtue, it is critical. Bitcoin was a topic of discussion 5 years ago on CFRN and other financial talk radio programs. Because of Bitcoin and its performance, many AltCoins do appreciate at a faster rate today, due to the increased awareness and participation. As a token owner and member of the community, we must all do our very best to ensure those we know, and even those we don't, are aware of what is taking place and the opportunity it represents.
While Bitcoin has enjoyed most of the headlines and bright lights by being first, there are other cryptocurrencies that have outpaced Bitcoin on a % basis. Once the CTG mass distribution is complete, open market trading will begin. When the world sees a line forming on the Bid side, and minor activity on the Ask, it will grab the attention of both investors, traders, and newscasters.
As you spread the word, there will be questions. Many if not most questions can be answered on the ChristianTraders.com website. If you don't know the answer and can't find the answer, contact Support@CFRN.net or call 833-InGodWeTrust. it's better, to be honest and say "I don't know, but I will find out", than to create a clever answer that simply tickles the ear.
Together, we are facing an enormous opportunity. Not only for ourselves but every Christian around the globe. Not only for this generation, but generations to come. Every night @ 8pm Eastern, I invite all community members to stop for a minute and join me in prayer. Let our prayer be "Thy will be done". Let us meditate on the scripture that says, "It is the Lord thy God who allows thee to create wealth". Last but not least, close out your prayer time thinking of the people around the world who are praying with you.
I Am A Christian Trader
Scripture says when any 2 under one roof come into agreement, there is great power. When a group shares one mind (the mind of Christ) and one accord, heaven comes to earth. We stand where no group of believers has ever stood before. Together, we will change the world. I am honored and humbled to serve with you.