CT Global Pre-Launch Sale

Pre-Launch Sale Extended Through January 31, 2018.
We are now in the 3rd and final stage of the Pre-Sale.
Current Bonus Structure – Buy 4 Get 1 Free.
Pre-Sale and Launch Price is $1.00 per Token.

Pre-Sale Tokens are restricted from trading on the open market for a period not to exceed 6 months from the date your order is placed. This is designed to protect CT Global Value and will assist in maintaining stable prices as we begin public exchange trading. Participants in the Pre-Sale will receive a Certificate of Ownership and Tokens will be disbursed into your digital wallet in February. There will be 2 webinars in January for those who need assistance securing a digital ERC20 compliant wallet.

A portion of funds from the Pre-Sale will be used for legal fees, incorporation, administrative costs, press releases and advertising. We will offer a bonus to Merchants, Churches, Charities and other entities that agree to accept our Token as payment for goods, services and donations.

When Bitcoin launched, there were no merchants. We believe the timeline between now and launch date will provide the opportunity to inform the Global Christian Community we are now actively seeking Retailers and Service Providers to join the CT Global Ecosystem. We are offering a Bounty to all Token Owners who are instrumental in establishing a relationship between CT Global and any Merchant, Service Provider, Church, Charity, ATM or Financial Institution.

Once the initial groundwork is in place our next goal will be an eventual move to a senior exchange and trading platform, followed by our application to be added to the growing list of Cryptocurrencies who offer debit cards which carry the Visa/MC logo. Once these two tasks are accomplished, the CT Global Token will be accepted worldwide, anywhere you see the Visa/MC logo.

To participate in the Pre-Sale you must contact us before midnight January 31, 2018 (or before inventory is depleted).

There will be options to have digital advertising spread across the entire CT Global Network, or based on the product or service being offered, advertisers will be able to target one specific property that best identifies their audience. CT Global will continue to accept traditional payment for ads, however... those who use the CT Global Token for payment will receive a 50% discount off the current list price or published specials.

Please email quantity desired to Support@ChristianTraders.com.

If you have any questions please call 949-423-6464.