CT Global Token

The Utility

Give a Man a Job - Feed a Hungry Child
The CT Global Token may be used to purchase advertising, airtime, training , mentoring, products and services across the CT Global Media Network.

The CT Global Media family currently consists of:
CryptoWorldRadio.com (under construction)

The following properties are owned by CT Global Media and will come online in 2018 and 2019.

Those who purchase advertising and/or airtime with CT Global Media using the CT Global Token will receive a 50% discount off listed prices. 25% of all advertising and airtime payments made using the CT Global Token will be used to fund C-TAP (see below).

Others who purchase the CT Global Token may have no immediate need for airtime or advertising. These individuals are motivated by potential value appreciation over time on the open market.

There will be options to have digital advertising spread across the entire CT Global Network, or based on the product or service being offered, advertisers will be able to target one specific property that best identifies their audience. CT Global will continue to accept traditional payment for ads, however... those who use the CT Global Token for payment will receive a 50% discount off the current list price or published specials.

Airtime on CFRN (streaming 24/7 since 2005) includes advertising of products or services (no pornography, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, hate speech etc...). Airtime can also be used to produce your own Radio Program and Churches will be able to push their Sermons straight to a global audience.

The CT Global properties mentioned above are scheduled to come online in 2018 / 2019 and will also offer products and services that carry a significant discount for those making payment with the CT Global Token.

As we continue to expand CT Global Media, research and new technology should provide even more opportunities for those who own the CT Global Token.

Remember, all advertising and airtime paid for with the CT Global Token will receive a 50% discount off listed prices and 25% of the purchase will be used to fund C-TAP.

Training and Mentoring courses purchased with the CT Global Token will receive a 25% discount off listed prices and 10% of the purchase will go to fund C-TAP.

Give a Man a Job - Feed a Hungry Child – Impact the World for Christ